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Round/oval-shaped panel with live bark edge. Custom artwork burnt onto basswood. 


Available in three different sizes:


7"  x  8"

8"  x  10"

11" x  14"

23" x 9.5"


Please select your preferred size and indicate the number of subjects to be included in your artwork. (For example: If your artwork is family portrait of 4 family people, select "4" as the number of subjects. Please message me if you have questions.)

Live Edge Rectangular Shaped Plank in Basswood

PriceFrom $60.00
  • Custom wood burned portrait made to order. Please message me with photo you would like to get before purchasing. Large and clear images work best. 

    Once we go over all details and I get your payment, I will get started on drawing your image on the wood. Then send you a picture of the product, once you approve, I will get started on burning the image onto the wood. 

    No refunds or exchanges allowed. Sales are final.

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